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Just Relationship with the Earth

Dharma and Justice Dialogues

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The Thích Nhất Hạnh Program for Engaged Buddhism

From the Organizer:

In a time of climate crisis when we are grieving the mass extinction of species, the suffering and relocation of peoples, and the increasing regularity of cataclysmic weather events everywhere, many are questioning the very foundations of the dominant culture and its very ill and confused relationship with our sacred Earth. Rather than recognizing Earth as the source of our being and the interwoven, living presence that is our life, we continue to objectify the Earth as a dead heap of resources to be extracted for our consumption, comfort, and pleasure.

Elders, ancestors, protectors, and many practitioners of indigenous spiritual traditions who treasure and champion the Earth’s guidance are asking us to renounce these more destructive paths and find our way to wise and sustaining ways of living together. In this conversation, we hope to explore what it might mean to leave behind the destruction and domination of our planet in favor of listening to the Earth, regaining a genuine humility, respect, balance, and slow wisdom that can support us in transforming ourselves into justly aligned, effectual, and intimate guardians of this sacred Earth.

The Thích Nhất Hạnh Program for Engaged Buddhism  is the host of this event. Please contact them with any questions.

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