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Fierce Compassion, Resiliency, and the Climate Crisis

A Work that Reconnects Online Retreat

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Work that Reconnects

From the Organizer:

Over the past few years, humanity has witnessed the alarming and sobering acceleration of our climate crisis through enormous fires, floods and droughts. Transforming our pain and love for our world into compassionate action and resilience begins with honoring our grief for what has been lost or the fear of what could be lost, e.g., the loss of forests and rivers, animal and plant species… and the fear of potential annihilation of our species. Turning towards, rather than away, from our feelings, can initiate deeper embodiment of relational intelligence, courage, and conscious response in times of change.

Please join us for a restorative and empowering retreat integrating dharma practice with The Work That Reconnects. When we honor ourselves as part of the natural feedback system of planet earth, we remember the inner strengths we have to navigate global uncertainty. Some of the questions we will explore are:

  • How can we meet the intensity of the climate crisis with a clear mind and open heart, rather than feeding the collective habit of fear and reactivity?
  • What is the meeting point between acceptance and greater commitment to being of service/taking action? How can we contribute to slowing down the effects of climate change and supporting those populations who are being impacted most directly and dramatically impacted?
  • Acknowledging that action is not the only medicine needed here… that It is only useful in balance with receptivity… how do we cultivate our relational intelligence during this time?
  • How can we stay anchored in our soft, compassionate, forgiving bodies in order to affirm the unity that is more real than separation?
  • And how can we commit to practices that restore us, so that we are positioned to create a more regenerative world?
  • Lastly, what qualities of wonder and respect for the mystery re-awaken in our hearts when we recognize emergence, alongside our grief for what is changing?

Beyond the repetitive action of talking and thinking, talking talking and thinking about climate change and what should humans do, can we take our inquiry more deeply into our hearts, our collaborations, and into the process we bring to life?

Work that Reconnects  is the host of this event. Please contact them with any questions.

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