Free events will be offered online October 25– November 2, 2021, to further individual and community health and well-being, and creative excellence to serve the greater good in these unprecedented times.

Contemplation By Design is a comprehensive, multidisciplinary, campus-wide program cultivating resilience, well-being, wisdom, compassion, and sustainable, ethical, purposeful service. Summit participants will have the opportunity to cultivate perspective, meaningful purpose, and contemplative practices that refresh and renew the mind-body-spirit.

2021 Speakers include (in alphabetical order): Nicole Ardoin, Tara Brach, Yuria Celidwen, Crystal Chissell, Dekila Chungyalpa, Mark Coleman, Steve Curwood, Prof. Gretchen C. Daily, Sister True Dedication (teacher in Thich Nhat Hanh’s Plum Village Community), Brother Phap Huu (Monk in Thich Nhat Hanh’s Plum Village Community), Prof. Dacher Keltner, Jeremy Lent, Richard Louv, Sam Mickey, Prof. Alexander Nemerov, Rev. Joanne Sanders, Ruchika Sikri, Roopa Bala Singh, Steve Smith, Dr. Sue Stuart Smith, Prof. Christine Wamsler, Prof. Paul Wapner, Florence Williams

Below is the 2021 Summit Schedule.