With Tibetan teacher Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche and stress scientist Elissa Epel.

Raging forest fires, record floods, and persistent drought have driven home the reality of the climate crisis, fueling rising rates of anxiety and depression. What steps can we take to embrace uncertainty, deepen appreciation, nurture altruism, and speak out to injustice? What practices can help us build resilience and strengthen our resolve to tackle the crisis? The conversation will include:

  • Contemplative practices that can help us act from a place of calm awareness instead of fear.
  • Research related to the science of behavior change and the role individuals can play in influencing larger systems to adopt climate-friendly practices.

The event will be moderated by Mind & Life Program Manager Shankari Goldstein and include time for audience questions and engagement. After the program, registrants will be emailed a link to the recording, which will also be accessible here and on our YouTube channel. (Note: registration is not required to view the recording.)