Proceeds from the day will support Spirit Rock, Jubilee Justice, and the Sogorea Te (Ohlone Indigenous) Land Trust.

The recent United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report states that it is “a code red for humanity,” which “must sound a death knell for fossil fuels before they destroy our planet.” While devastating, it clarifies what we already know – the urgent need to shift from “business as usual.”

As the Four Noble Truths point out, a mindful path is effective for deconstructing erroneous internalized conditioning. But we must stretch further. We need to connect the dots between our societal, spiritual, and environmental collapse by applying the same mindful inquiry to how we perpetuate allegiance to systems rooted in colonially based extractive capitalism, which enables climate destruction of our living world.

Informed by essential voices and movements focused on Climate Justice, we will explore radical shifts using inquiry questions to focalize our intention. We will engage guided meditations, practice periods, breakout groups, and conclude with a commitment ceremony.