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How can we be the change that we want others to be? Based on the Early Buddhist Texts, these two-hour sessions will present the teaching of the Buddha on the inter-relatedness of everything and the obligations to preserve life. The sessions will focus on specific examples provided in the Early Buddhist Text about protecting nature, looking after one’s health and well-being, conserving natural resources, eating mindfully, recycling, and constructing dwellings in a consultative and sustainable manner. It will also deal with Buddhism and good governance. The Buddha clearly spelt of the obligations of those in power to govern with compassion and accountability and spoke truth to power.

Come along to this two-part series, run from 1-3pm (UK Time) on Thursdays 3rd and 10th February 2022.

Don de Silva is an environmentalist, journalist, author, Buddhist Chaplain, and trainer. He worked as a senior official with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and implemented effective global media campaigns to create awareness about sustainable development and has participated in creating new forms of environmental diplomacy.

A certified mindfulness trainer, he focuses on the Buddhist foundations of mindfulness, particularly its relevance to sustainable living. Presently a university mentor, he has worked in chaplaincy, delivering sessions on areas, such as mindfulness and confidence building, reducing stress and anxiety, mindful learning and speaking. Through the Tariki Buddhist Therapists Forum, he has delivered sessions on faith, environment and justice; responding to climate change and COVID 19; and Buddhism and Action.