The global community today faces major challenges. We witness increasing economic inequality, surges in ethnic and racial violence, climate change and other forms of environmental destruction, and a rise of authoritarian governments. These are issues with deep ethical implications, yet compared to Western theistic religions, the Buddhist response has, with some exceptions, been relatively muted.

What are the reasons for this? Does Buddhism actually have resources in its inherited traditions to address these challenges, resources we are just not aware of? Or does Buddhism need to transform itself, to bring forth unrealized potentials within its own body of teachings, if it is to contribute active solutions to today’s crises? And if so, could there be any inherent dangers for the Buddhism that we practice?

BGR founder Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi, a Buddhist monk and scholar who advocates for climate justice and peaceful solutions to societal conflicts, will be joined by author and activist David Loy. The two are co-authors of the Buddhist Declaration on Climate Change in 2015, “The Time to Act is Now,” which was signed by the Dalai Lama and many other Buddhist teachers worldwide.