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Buddhism and Wealth

An Online Seminar with Don de Silva

© S. from Unsplash
© S. from Unsplash

Hosted by 

Tariki Trust

From the Organizer:

Sudden energy shortages, global supply chain problems, empty shelves at grocery stores, internet breakdowns, adverse weather changes, Covid 19, climate change, and depleting natural resources are straining our economic systems, built on unbridled competition. This presentation focus on what Buddhism offers towards facilitating a paradigm shift in our thinking and living to move towards a sustainable path. This presentation will deal with early Buddhist teachings and practices about the purpose of wealth. The Buddha interacted closely with merchants. He challenged the generation of wealth, if it was based on greed, and gained through exploitation. But, he also saw wealth as an opportunity for generosity and compassion — benefitting the giver, the recipient and the environment.

The event is facilitated by Don de Silva.

Don de Silva is an environmentalist, journalist, author, Buddhist Chaplain, and trainer. He worked as a senior official with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and implemented effective global media campaigns to create awareness about sustainable development and has participated in creating new forms of environmental diplomacy.

A certified mindfulness trainer, he focuses on the Buddhist foundations of mindfulness, particularly its relevance to sustainable living. Presently a university mentor, he has worked in chaplaincy, delivering sessions on areas, such as mindfulness and confidence building, reducing stress and anxiety, mindful learning and speaking. Through the Tariki Buddhist Therapists Forum, he has delivered sessions on faith, environment and justice; responding to climate change and COVID 19; and Buddhism and Action.

Tariki Trust  is the host of this event. Please contact them with any questions.

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