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Submit a Question/Reflection for the Live Gathering

  • Please submit a question or reflection for the leaders that grows out of your engagement with the teachings and practices offered in this exploration. We likely won’t have time for every contribution, but whether or not yours is selected, we’re grateful for your engagement and curiosity. Please make your submission by 9am US Eastern Time on Sunday, April 25.
    If you choose "no", a moderator will read your question if it is selected.

Support this Offering

We support our session leaders with funds to recognize their time in coordinating with us. We invite you to support them directly with your contribution. 

To maximize participation, One Earth Sangha hosts this program at absolute minimal cost. So we also invite you to support our work in this way. 

Dana, or generosity, is considered an essential part of practice and situates us in the unbroken line that seeks to bring the gifts of Buddhadharma, wisdom and compassion, to our world.

Any amount you offer is greatly appreciated.

Support this Offering

Another way to support us is to share what this exploration has meant to you in a way that we can use in our materials. We invite you to share a “testimonial” here! (select “EcoDharma Exploration Participant” from the dropdown menu.)

Share a Testimonial


Community Discussion

We invite you to share with the community your reflections on any aspect of the exploration: the opening ritual, teachings, guided meditation, practices, or anything else!

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