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Going Forth

Opportunities for Engaged Practice Related Initiatives Additional Resources Offer Feedback Support This Offering Community Discussion Opportunities for Engaged Practice Take the time to attune to your local bio-region. Ask how climate mutation and global warming are affecting your specific region. For example: What tree species will be most affected as temperatures warm, or as there […]

Lessons from a Solstice

Welcome to our June EcoDharma Exploration. Over our weeks of self-paced practice and our shared live event, we will make space to explore our relationship with heat, inquiring into our emotional responses to rising temperatures and Earth-abuse. We’ll bring these inquiry practices together with agricultural, solstice ritual knowledge. Attuning to the seasonality of place and […]

Lessons from a Solstice

What can sweltering summers and deep winters teach us about our response-abilities within a warming climate? Join Adam Lobel, Michelle King, and Fitzhugh Shaw lead this set of embodied practices centered on heat.