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Generosity is a powerful force,

one that has a way of multiplying.

Between now and year’s end, the multiplication is immediate.

Thanks to one of our generous supporters, if you donate by midnight on December 31,
your contribution to One Earth Sangha be matched, 
dollar for dollar.

“Tara Healing” Original art generously offered by © Jayna Simpson

It has been an extraordinary year. Global environmental change is now manifesting in losses, sometimes devastating, for millions of people around the world. In this year alone, we bear witness to the large-scale suffering caused by climate-charged fires, hurricanes and floods. The world continues to lose the great wealth that is our natural biodiversity and every day, millions of individual animals are treated as units of production instead of dignified, sentient beings.

Meanwhile, empowered political leaders seek to distract our attention and divide social cohesion all while granting more advantage to the already advantaged. We face ever-accumulating and simultaneous environmental and social justice crises, evidenced most recently in Puerto Rico, a perfect storm of climate-charged weather, political callousness, and aggressive racial bias resting on a deep history of the objectification of people and planet.

As you look forward to the coming year, knowing our challenges will continue, what will guide you? What connections, practices and wisdom will help you respond in a way that affirms, nourishes and protects basic goodness?

We at One Earth Sangha have never been more honored to collaborate with all of you to bring the wisdom and practices of the Dharma to this global moment. We support a vision of spiritual engagement on collective issues that includes but is not limited to resistance, that sees and counters harm but is not defined by it. Indeed, we find our own freedom not despite our conditions but through them.

We look forward to continuing this collaboration with you in 2018, exploring new projects and partnerships. But we cannot move forward without your support. With gratitude and humility, we invite you to include One Earth Sangha in your year-end giving.

Now is the time! A generous donor has agreed to pledge up to $5,000 in matching funds if you donate between now and midnight, December 31.

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