Fall EcoSattva Training - Delay of Start

Greetings Dear Friends on the EcoDharma Path,

For the first time since our first EcoSattva Training in 2015, we have decided to delay the start of the program this fall. With the need and opportunity to organize our community for the Climate Strikes and a number of other challenges, this fall’s Training wasn’t coming together according to schedule. While Lou has been ever supportive and helpful, as Director, it falls upon me to see that all the elements of the Training are in place and ready to go by the opening. It has became obvious that there just wasn’t enough time.

Lou and I have therefore agreed that it would be a mistake to force it, to provide a training that hits the published date but yet falls short of what this Training could and really should be. Instead, we have elected to work with our teacher partners and One Earth Sangha team members (more than ever!) to take the time required to provide the best Training, the best EcoDharma and EcoSangha experience, we can at this incredibly intense time for our community and our world.

We have never been more clear and excited about the vital role of Dharma in inspiring and guiding response to ecological breakdown. In order to do right by this moment, these extra two months will let us take the time we need to make a solid offering, one that is as valuable as it can be to you, our global Sangha.

In summary, these are the updated dates:

  • Materials for the first module will be available November 24.
  • After that, subsequent modules available on a weekly basis.
  • The first monthly community gathering, inviting all registered individuals into a live conversation with others around the world, will take place on Sunday December 8th at 12:30 pm US Eastern Time.
  • Registration for the Training will open November 1.

Given the proximity to the Thanksgiving holiday in the US, we expect that many there will wait until the beginning of December to begin the course. As you may remember, the course sessions have no live component so groups can start when they like and move at their own pace. Overall, this new date allows us to keep with our objective of delivering in the fall, support groups who want to get started but without compromise the content or our ability to support the process.

While we believe this to be the right decision, it is not without impact. We know that many communities have invested in plans to begin the training shortly (as we encouraged!) and so this announcement may put leaders, formal and informal, in a challenging position. It may be difficult to suggest a delay when so many are in need of community and dharma to support them in holding and responding to this immense challenge.

Some of you may be interested in going forward with your group gatherings as scheduled and using the extra time and space to really get to know one another and practicing together. You might hold mindful conversations around recent articles or video’s on our website. We’ve just shared Rod Purser’s article on a necessary evolution for mindfulness and for the Dharma-nerds out there, we’ll soon release a four-part series from Bhikkhu Anālayo on the essential role of mindfulness in managing reactivity around climate crisis). There are great videos from climate and/or spiritual leaders to choose from or perhaps the opening chapters of either David Loy’s or Stephanie Kaza’s recent (excellent) books. We also invite you to check out Thanissara’s new online course, Dharma in Times of Heartbreak, which runs October 1-27. Enter the coupon code HEARTBREAK108 to register for $108, a 43% discount.

No matter what you decide to do, please know that I am sincerely sorry for any difficulty this delay causes you and your communities. At the same time, Lou and I are truly excited about the content of this year’s offering and we will very soon have more capacity than ever (including excellent new volunteers!) to get all the pieces in place. So I hope that you’ll connected with us and bring your groups together to begin the Training later this fall. In the meantime, I invite your input and feedback on any aspect of this decision.

With love and gratitude,

By the way, for those of you who have inquired about the registration fee, we can say that it looks like we’ll be able to keep roughly the same cost structure as our 2017 series (base of $140) with some changes to the supporting levels and a more extensive group discount structure. Our scholarship program will again be flexible, based on financial need of the applicant with our policy that no one will ever be turned away for lack of funds.

2 Comments on “Fall EcoSattva Training - Delay of Start

  1. Thank you so much for your time and effort in continuing this incredably valuable training!!! It is worth the wait!

    • You’re the best, Ginger. Thank you so much for your ongoing support of our work.

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