EcoSattva Training 2016

An Online Course for Aspiring EcoSattvas

What does it mean to express a Buddhist response to climate change? What does our wisdom tradition and our love for this life call us to do? How can we respond with wisdom, compassion and courage?


We invite you to experience a powerful collection of teachers, activists and other leaders in our annual EcoSattva Training series. Built on the foundation of last year’s inaugural online course, you’ll hear from luminaries like Joanna Macy, global Buddhist activists like Thanissara, powerful new voices in the Dharma like Reverend angel Kyodo williams, and many others. Most importantly, this year’s training offers another opportunity to come together in community to explore how the practices of wisdom and compassion can meet a challenge even as immense as global climate change.

I really appreciated feeling like a part of a Sangha on the topic of Climate Change. I didn’t realize how alone and isolated I felt on this issue until I really felt the support of all of you and the broader community. The feeling that we’re not in this alone and that we’re all doing this together touched me much more deeply than I would have imagined.

2015 Participant in EcoSattva Training

In the 2016 update, two new live sessions bookend five recorded sessions from last fall. These core sessions, which you can do at your own pace according to your schedule, also include science and policy segments, updated for 2016, from One Earth Sangha co-founder and head of the World Wildlife Fund’s climate program, Lou Leonard.

Whether this is the first you’ve heard of it, missed the course last year, or, like many we’ve heard from, want to go through it again, we encourage you to gather members of your sangha, circle of friends or let us help you find an online group to experience this powerful online course together. Whether done on your own or as a group, this course is designed to develop a larger social capacity to effectively engage on climate change and other ecological challenges, both thematically and locally, with courage, compassion and wisdom. We invite you to join us again this fall for this series of important sessions hosted by One Earth Sangha.

Photo by Seth Levinson We’re honored and delighted that Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi has agreed to join us Sunday October 16 in the opening live session of this fall’s EcoSattva Training. Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi brings a deep and truly fierce understanding of the Dharma and it’s applications to social and environmental issues.

I had many hard emotions through the class. Before this, I’ve been focused on individual liberation through Buddhism and this was enormous, to expand the vision to include all of life. Now, I can finally feel something deep and wonderful beneath all that is hard.

2015 Participant in EcoSattva Training

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  1. Two questions. 1) What is the maximum amount of people to participate in a group to go through this together that I wish to convene? and 2) before I start letting people know of this, I should know the cost. Can you answer both questions? Thanks much!!

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