Answering the Call

An Online Course for Aspiring EcoSattvas

What does it mean to express a Buddhist response to climate change? What does our wisdom tradition and our love for this life call us to do? How can we respond with wisdom, compassion and courage?

Join Joanna Macy, rev angel Kyodo williams and a powerful collection of other teachers, activists and experts for our online, interactive EcoSattva Training. This course will develop our community’s capacity to effectively engage on climate change and other ecological challenges, both thematically and locally, with courage, compassion and wisdom. We invite you to join us for this series of important sessions hosted by Thanissara, One Earth Sangha and Maestro Conversations.

A monk once asked the Chinese Master Yun Men, “What is the work of the Buddha’s whole life?”
Yun Men replied, “An appropriate response.”

In the face of catastrophic climate change, we as a Buddhist/mindfulness community have the opportunity to creatively define for ourselves appropriate response: response that is wise, compassionate, transformative, resolute and equanimous. To realize this potential, the community needs leaders of all kinds at all levels. This is the path of the EcoSattva.

Building on the online “Mindfulness and Climate Action” conversations offered in the fall of 2014 and centered on Earth Care Week the first week in October, One Earth Sangha is offering a series of eight online sessions to support aspiring EcoSattvas in a diverse and powerful body of response, tailored to their aspirations and abilities and grounded in the demands of their local situations. Specifically, the course will endeavor to

  1. Root Action on Climate in Dharma Practice
  2. Develop Sangha by Connecting EcoSattvas with Each Other and Outside Partners
  3. Inspire and Inform “Appropriate Response”

We are offering here a rare opportunity to engage with powerful teachers and a global sangha to inspire, guide and resource our efforts in service of life. We hope you will join us as we believe this course can contribute to the growing forms of Buddhist/mindful response answering the call of the Earth and all her beings.

Learn more and register here!

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