2017 EcoSattva Training

An Online Course for Aspiring EcoSattvas

How might we most thoroughly express our love for this life and all life? What does it mean to express a mindful, compassionate response to climate change? What new ways of relating to ourselves, one another and the world does this wisdom tradition call us into? 

Courage, Connection and Devotion

An all new series, the 2017 EcoSattva Training begins on Sunday, October 1 and continues through Sunday, November 19.*

Registration is now open for the 2017 EcoSattva Training.

Here’s your guide to this year’s course:

3 Comments on “2017 EcoSattva Training

  1. I have applied for scholarship ($20) for the 2017 training of EcoSattva – Training I Could u please let me know whether I am accepted or not. This course is extremely important to me I took the training last year & am part of New York Insight Eco Sattva group who takes the training as a group. I have not heard anything back from u & am very concerned as course starts Sun Could u please let me know what’s going on asap?. Thank u

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