Photo Courtesy of Agatha Lee

Photo by Agatha Lee

Part of the way we can communicate online is through imagery. We aspire to share images that tell a story about the way things are, often integrating the tragedy and beauty of our current situation. We regularly seek out suitable images that can be used on our site without cost (as we are an all-volunteer organization without any budget to speak of).

Several artists have directly agreed to share their work with One Earth Sangha while others share their work with the world without cost under creative commons licensing. Some images come from our own cameras. All of this is done in the spirit of “dana” or “generosity.” We in turn have the opportunity to share these artists’ vision and talents with our community. Here is the listing of the artists we have featured thus far, some of which link to an artist profile page.

If you have or know of images that might be appropriate for our site, please contact us.

In Sangha.

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